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  Parents Fr. Constantin & Psa Elena Alecse with their 4 children: Cristian, Marius, Gabriella and Claudia Alecse, pictured together sometimes in 1987-1988, at a community wedding reception on Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Presbytera Elena Alecse, wife of Father Constantin Alecse, pictured for the USA Citizenship's Certificate in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Preoteasa Elena is the "key to success" in Father Constantin Alecse's Church ministry, since they married on July 15, 1973. The greatest Lady on Earth, since the Eve.

Very Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Rector of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California, and Dean of the Pacific Coast Deanery (ROEA). Web-site -

During the Lent of 1973, sometimes in April, during the spring brake, Constantin Alecse, a young theologian enrolled at the Theological Institute in Bucharest, was on duty as a "custodian" at St. Ecateriana's Chapel. One day, the good Friday of the Holy Week, he was blessed to meet a young lady, Elena Tanase, at teacher at a school in Bucharest. Three months later, on July 15, 1973, Constantin Alecse and Elena Tanase Alecse were married at the Kretzulescu Church in Bucharest where Constantin served as a church guide (ghid bisericesc) and a part-time cantor, while he was pursuing his theological (graduate and post-graduate/doctorate) studies. Pictured below: The civil marriade on July 14, 1973.

The oldest child of Fr. Constantin & Preoteasa Elena Alecse. Born in Romania on July 14, 1974, Christian lived with his parents in England (during 1976-1980), before coming do St. Paul, MN-USA in 1980. Cristian graduated from the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox School in Northridge, then from Allemany Catholic High School in Granada Hills and the UCSD College in La Jolla (San Diego) with his major in Economics and computer science. Presently he works in finances, namely commodities, features and stocks.

  Marius Alecse is the 2nd child of Fr. Constantin & Preoteasa Elena Alecse. Born in London, England, on October 6, 1977, Marius lived in England till March 1980, when he came in the USA with his parents. Like his older brother and 2 younger sisters, Marius graduated from St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Elementary School in Northridge, Allemany Catholic High School in Granada Hills, enrolled for a few semesters at the UCSB (Santa Barbara), wherefrom - due to his special interests in Arts and Animation, he transferred to the College of the Canyon School of Arts, Ventura Institute of Arts, intership at the Universal Studio in Universal City, presently working as an "animator" for Film Roman Inc., creator of animation movies like "Simsons", etc.

Gabriella is the 3rd child of Fr. Constantin & Preoteasa Elena Alecse. She was born in London, England on January 27, 1980, just 2 months before the Alecse Family moved to St. Paul, MN (USA). She graduated from the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Elementary School in Northridge before she enrolled in the Allemany Catholic High School in Granada Hills. Upon her graduation from the High School, considering her options of further studies, Gabriella decided to attend UCSD (University of California San Diego), where her older brother Cristian graduated from. She is now in her 4th year, majoring in Literature, wishing to become a publisher.

Claudia is the last child of Fr. Constantin & Preoteasa Elena Alecse. Claudia was born in St. Paul Minnesota, on August 6, 1981. She was just over 1 year old when the Alecses moved to Los Angeles, California. Keeping with the family tradition, Claudia went to the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Elementary School in Northridge, then the Allemeny Catholic High School in Granada Hills, wherefrom upon graduation decided to enroll at the UCLA (University of California - Los Angeles). She intends to pursue Medical Studies in order to become a doctor.

The young theologian Constantin Alecse after the graduation from the Kesarie the Bishop Romanian Orthodox Seminary.

  Elena Tanase, dear mother of preoteasa Elena Tanase, or "mituta" - as our children use to call her, is the Lady in the below picture. Preoteasa Elena cherishes the most beautiful memories about her mother, and the "great sacrifice" she made to raise her and give her the proper education in those times when only the "privileged ones" could benefit.

Preoteasa Elena Alecse still florishes her wonderful memories of her visit to Paris, France, sometimes in the spring of 1978, while the Alecse's were stationed in London - England. It is everybody's guess where she was pictured, in the below presented image.

Enache & Anica Alexe, pictured below, are the proud parents of Father Constantin Alecse. Maried during the 2nd World War, the Alexes had 4 children: Paulina (the oldest, born in 1947), Constantin (presently Father Constantin of Los Angeles, born in 1951), Ioana (born in 1954), and Maria (born in 1957). The first two children live in Los Angeles, California, and the last 2 in Bucharest Romania). The are all alive and married with children of their own. Enache and Anica Alexe are wonderful parents, great grand-parents and blessed great-grand-parents.

From birth and Baptism to London, England; 1). The Mother & child; 2). Mitutza-the grandmother & Cristian, nickname "puiutzu"; 3). In London (Lewisham District) on th bicycle; 4)- Cristian (on bicycle) in the garden of Barbu Calinescu, son of a former Prime-Minister of Romania Armand Calinescu, in the garden of his house in Cambridge, England, with his two (2) beautiful daughters.

Two (2) small pictures of baby Cristian. (2) Godparents: Psa Eugenia-Coca & Pr. Prof. Dr. Stefan Alexe confessing the Creed at their god-son Cristian Alecse's Baptism. (3). The little god-parent Stefanel Alexe (presently prof.dr.Stefan Alexe of baden Baden) attending the Baptismal Service of his parents god-son Cristian Alecse. ( 4). Presbytera Coca, V.Rev.Fr.Prof. Fane Alexe and their god-son Cristian Alecse on the day of his Baptism. (5). Presbytera Coca Alexe and her god-son Cristian Alexe on the day of Cristian's Baptism. (6). V. Rev. Fr. Dr. Dumitru Popescu, Rector of the University Thological Institute in Bucharest, staggling in baptising Cristian Alecse, with Cristian's god-parents V. Rev.Fr.Prof.Dr. & Presbytera Coca Alexe looking on.

Living in Hollywood, like all the young people all over the world, Mario dreamed to become "an artist". He has tried through the SAI Talent Agency of Universal City "his artistic talents". And it did pay off. He makes a living as a "cartoonist" and "Animation movies", working as a free-lancer, presently for Film Roman.

Although during youth everyone dreams of becoming an "actor" or "actress", not everyone is tailored for the job. However, such a try gives you confidence and plenty of experience. In the image below: Gabriella Alecse, presently a student at University of California - San Diego, pictured in those times "Hollywood Dreams".

Claudia Alecse, presently a student at University of California - Los Angeles (studying to become a doctor), at one point in her youth live entertained the idea of trying her "artistic calling" in Hollywood.

In the 50s, especially in Villages of Romania, having a picture taken was a luxury. In the image below, at an Alexe's wedding in the village of Dambroca, Constantin Alecse (age 8) could be identified (from left to right) the 2nd kid in the 2nd row, with his head covered by an "astrakhan fur-cap"(caciula), while his sister Gina (first row) looking backwards towards him.

Constantin Alecse still having vivid memories about the years he was in the village of Dambroca elementary school. Pictured below are his class-mates surrounded by his teachers (Ion Navin, mathematics and sports, Constantin Enus, school director and history teacher, Radu Enus, teacher for Romanian and geography, and Eva Dumitrescu, music and other disciplines teacher.

The only fun in the Romanian Villages in the 50s was either playing sports, riding bikes or going to the village "hora's" on a Sunday afternoon after the morning church service. Two close friends Pandele Nicolae and Alecse Constantin the "bike-riders".

All seminarians (students in theology) had to were an uniform, having a cap embroided with the words: STBz (Seminarul Teologic din Buzau). Pictured below is the young theologian Constantin Alecse, in 1959, recently enrolled at the Theological Seminary in Buzau-Romania.


No! It is an illusion. BUT ... we live in Los Angeles where everything is possible. Not in this case though! In the image below, Fr. Alecse, with his kids and niece Liliana Ciocan (the daughter of his older sister) at the Disney Land, pictured in front of an "illusion board" portraying the then President Ronald Reagan, patronizing the Alecse's Disney-Land entertainment event.

  COUSINS! Preoteasa Elena Alecse and her sister-in-law Paulina Ciocan pictured with their children: Anne, Gabriella, Marius and Cristian Alecse, the younger ones (in front) and Adrian and Lilliana Ciocan the older ones (in the back), reunited in Glendale, California in 1985.

While the Alecses children were still in Los Angeles, active in the Sun day School programs, this family picture was taken in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Los Angeles, California. Parents: V.Rev.Fr. Constantin Alecse and psa Elena Alecse with children: Cristian, Marius, Gabriella and Claudia.

  After they arrived in Los Angeles, California, Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse's parents Enache & Anica Alexe, pictured below, enjoyed a few years of happiness in the New World (USA) during 1987-2001. On 23rd October 2001 Enache Alexe passed away in Los Angeles, California and is buried at Hollywood for ever Cemetery in Hollywood.

  At 14, everyone in Romania receives an ID (Buletin de Identitate). It is that time when the boys believe they are "macho", the braves, the invincible ones. In this picture: Constantin Alecse, at 14.

Reunited in Los Angeles, California, on the occasion of a visit to America of the younger daughter/sister Maria Stanciu, in 1998, a picture of the Alexe's blood relatives (from left to right): Paulina Ciocan, Anica and Enache Alexe, Maria Stanciu and Fr. Constantin Alecse, at the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California.

In the 5th year of the Seminary - The Bishop Kesarie Seminary in Buzau. Collegues and their advisors (pedagogii) Cristisor Manea and Ion Pantazzi.

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